The Creators of the Innovative UroCycler® Device

UroCycler Inc. was formed by Dr. David Flinchbaugh and Life Changing Healthcare LLC (LLC) to recommence the manufacturing and sale of the UroCycler®. Dr. Flinchbaugh invented, patented and developed the UroCycler®, an Automatic Bladder Management System that improves the quality of life for people that use indwelling urinary catheters. Over 30,000 UroCyclers® were previously sold in the USA and overseas.

Life Changing Healthcare LLC (“LCH”) is committed to supporting healthcare related initiatives that improve quality of life and/or lower the cost of healthcare, which the UroCycler® does on both counts.

Our Core Values

At UroCycler Inc., we care about people. Our company’s core values are founded on compassion, empathy customer-centric service, authenticity, and innovation. In line with this, at least 10% of our profits will go to organizations that improve lives and decrease healthcare expenses in the USA.

Why Choose the UroCycler®

There are no comparable products on the market. The UroCycler® has a proven track record, having received 10 industry awards for its design and functionality. The UroCycler® was granted three (3) 510(K)s certifications from the FDA, and it has earned widespread recognition across the country and around the world.

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Contact Us

UroCycler Inc. is based in West Islip, NY. For inquiries, reach out to us today.