Healthcare Alert - UroCycler® will be available for sale Summer 2020

UCI Announces the Return of the ‘UroCycler®’ to the Marketplace

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UroCycler Inc.

UCI  Announces the Return of the ‘UroCycler®’ to the Marketplace

ORLANDO, FLORIDA  May June 4, 2019:

UroCycler Inc. (“UCI”) announced today that it will resume the manufacturing and sale of the UroCycler.  The UroCycler®, an Automatic Bladder Management System, was conceived, patented and developed by Dr. David E. Flinchbaugh. The UroCycler was granted three 510Ks from the FDA.  Dr. Flinchbaugh’s motivation in developing the UroCycler came from his recognition of the emotional stress and physical pain endured by indwelling urinary catheter (IUC) users and their caregivers. Dr. Flinchbaugh believes that, “Everyone deserves a chance for better health and a more vibrant life.”

Over 30,000 UroCyclers were manufactured and sold years ago worldwide by UroSolutions Inc. Dr. Flinchbaugh/UroSolutions Inc. received numerous industry awards for the UroCycler’s innovative design. The UroCycler helped restore personal dignity and a near normal lifestyle to thousands of indwelling urinary catheters users by reducing, among other things, the occurrence of urinary tract infections, offensive urine odor and bladder spasms. 

Life Changing Healthcare LLC (LCH), a significant shareholder in UCI, is excited about the long-term role that LCH will play in making this “unique quality-of-life-enhancing” breakthrough medical device available to people that would greatly benefit from its use. LCH is committed to supporting healthcare related initiatives that improve quality of life and/or lower the cost of healthcare, which the UroCycler does on both counts.   

UCI is committed to making the UroCycler available to people around the world whose quality of life will be significantly improved by their use of this medical device. UCI’s current plan is to start shipping UroCycler ABMS units in the 1st quarter of 2020.

Further information about UCI and the UroCycler’s availability. will be forthcoming in continuing press releases and UCI’s website (


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